Strengthening Families, Empowering communities

Our Story

Doreen M. Lewis founded Community Intervention Associates in September 2004 in Yuma AZ.

Doreen’s vision was to provide mental health care to all individuals in need, including the under served and the uninsured.

Community Intervention Associates grew rapidly over the next few years, and began to serve several counties throughout Southern AZ.

As our growth continued, Community Intervention Associates increased our services to include physical health and mental health changing our name to Community Health Associates.

We now serve nine different counties throughout Southern AZ.

Our dedicated staff and teams strive to deliver the vision and level of care that Doreen Lewis always intended.


At Community Health Associates, we are dedicated to serving the mental health and physical health care needs of individuals throughout all communities.


Founder: Doreen Lewis

Founder Doreen Lewis: September 24, 1952 - August 15, 2012

Licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services, we offer a wide array of outpatient behavioral health and substance use services,  psychiatric health, 24/7 crisis support, and integrated physical health services to promote one’s journey to wellness and recovery.

We work closely with individuals in order to develop an individualized service plan that will guide their treatment process from beginning to end.

Our staff is focused on helping individuals fully exercise their rights, while learning how to use local resources and systems of care to meet individual and family needs

Our Mission

It is the mission of Community Health Associates to provide children, youth, and families a comprehensive array of high quality behavioral health treatment, substance abuse recovery support and rehabilitation, and prevention services that respect the culture and ethnicity of our members. Community Health Associates is dedicated to prioritizing the needs of the uninsured, underinsured, and underserved populations in an ongoing effort to foster hope, strength, and self-determination in those we serve.